Did something change with ioctl CAMIOCOMMAND from 8.0 to 9.0 ?


googling brought me to this forum post
which reports that xfburn fails to recognize optical drives on FreeBSD 9.0.

There are error messages about a ioctl which might be emitted by libburn
for getting a list of drives:

xfburn: error sending CAMIOCOMMAND ioctl: Inappropriate ioctl for device

On my FreeBSD 8.0 test system, everything seems ok with libburn.
xorriso lists both drives and is willing to blank and burn a CD.

Could somebody with a 9.0 system and a CD/DVD/BD drive please get xorriso
(e.g. from ports) and try whether it shows all drives ?
This command:

xorriso -devices

should report something like

0 -dev '/dev/cd0' rwrwr- : 'TSSTcorp' 'CDDVDW SH-S223B'
1 -dev '/dev/cd1' rwrwr- : 'TSSTcorp' 'DVD-ROM SH-D162C'

One needs rw-permissions for the involved devices in order to get them
listed. Up to now, this were: acd* cd* pass* xpt*

If the CAMIOCOMMAND of libburn/sg-freebsd.c is wrong for 9.0, then i could
need instructions how to perform drive listing and how to recognize 9.0
resp. the need for the new code at compile time.

The code can be inspected online at

The (union ccb) idx->ccb for this ioctl at line 231

if (ioctl(idx->fd, CAMIOCOMMAND, &(idx->ccb)) == -1) {

is set up in this function beginning at line 160

static int sg_init_enumerator(burn_drive_enumerator_t *idx_)

Have a nice day :)


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