Apache13-fp + Named Virtual Hosts

From: Darryl Hoar (darryl_at_osborne-ind.com)
Date: 08/04/03

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    To: <freebsd-isp@freebsd.org>
    Date: Mon, 4 Aug 2003 14:51:09 -0500

    I installed apache13-fp from the ports on my 4.7-stable box.
    Started it up (thanks scot) and got it running. Works just
    fine publishing from Frontpage 2000 to the apache webserver.

    Unfortunately, I need to have this apache server implimentation
    hosts a couple sites. So here is what I tried:

    1. Shutdown apache server.
    2. Modify httpd.conf. Changed DocumentRoot to be /websites/data
        changed <Directory "/websites/data">
    3. Uncommented NameVirtualHost * line in httpd.conf
    4. Added VirtualHost blocks
        <VirtualHost *>
           DocumentRoot /websites/data/internal
           ServerName www.osborneindustries.com
        <VirtualHost *>
          DocumentRoot /websites/data/test
          ServerName test.osborneindustries.com

    5. Made sure last Virtual Host block was:
       <VirtualHost _default_:80>
        ServerName test.osborneindustries.com

    6. Reran /usr/local/frontpage/version5.0/fp_install.sh
        no to sub/user webs. Yes to virtual hosts.

    It doesn't work right when I try to use the setup. It either doesn't think
    the extension are
    running on the server, or it perpetually asks for username/password and
    won't accept the
    ones I defined in fp_install.sh.

    Is there a tutorial on this setup ? any ideas ?


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