Re: djbdns

From: Kenny Freeman (
Date: 01/07/04

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    Date: Wed, 7 Jan 2004 13:26:21 -0500

    My experience with bind has been less than fun - a pain to maintain with all
    of these security fixes and also the file format is terrible. I switched to
    djbdns as soon as I found out about it and was happy with a test server that
    I setup. It is a bit of a hassle to get up and running, but when it is
    finally setup properly you don't have to touch it at all, period. I have been
    running djbdns for well over a year, more like over two years and I have not
    had to touch it even once in that time. I have a perl script that updates the
    data files from a MySQL database. I also have a CGI interface to the db, so I
    can add/edit/delete dns records thru my web browser. The djbdns data file
    format is very simple and a joy to work with compared to binds. You should
    note however that with djbdns, instead of using 2 ips for 2 nameservers I
    have to use 2xcache ips, 2xserver ips, and 2x zone xfer ips, and also that
    the caches have to be notified of any dns servers for domains that you host -
    my perl script takes care of that for me tho. Oh, and another thing... I have
    heard of people having problems with djbdns on extremely heavily loaded
    servers where queries were getting dropped - in that case I would use a round
    robin nat in front of the servers to distribute the load among many dns
    servers... my $0.02.


    On December 12, 2003 12:35 am, Jason Fesler wrote:
    > > How does djbdns measure up to bind anyway? Bind works wonderfully
    > > for us.. any reasons someone can come up with (other then the beaten
    > > to deal security arguments) why a person should change over?
    > If you are happy with bind;
    > If you stay current on bind security problems;
    > If you find the ISC to be hoopy froods and DJB to be, well, DJB;
    > then focus your attention to more fruitful efforts.
    > Really.
    > --jason
    > (a die hard djbdns user, who fears bind to death, but not an evangelist)
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