Re: asp/aspx support for Javascript in Apache?

From: Bob Martin (
Date: 07/28/04

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    Date: Wed, 28 Jul 2004 16:49:57 -0500
    To: David Wolfskill <>

    .asp is active server pages, .aspx is .net active server pages.

    These are nearly always written in vb.script or C#

    You might want to have a look at mono, and instant asp

    I've not used either. We run a hardend NT box just for this stuff, but
    I've heard good things about these products. YMMV


    David Wolfskill wrote:
    > Sorry if this is too elementary; I haven't had occasion to do much in
    > the way of anything too exotic with Apache -- mostly, it just works.
    > But now my boss wants to host an organization that has pages with URLS
    > like http://..../Catalog.aspx, and whose contents include
    > <script language="JavaScript" type="text/JavaScript">
    > I gather that the *.aspx "extension" is intended to denote something
    > called "Active Server Pages". And the only support I find for that in
    > the ports collection is in www/p5-Apache-ASP; its pkg-descr says:
    > This perl module provides an Active Server Pages port to the Apache HTTP
    > Server with perl as the host scripting language. Active Server Pages is
    > a web application platform that originated with the Microsoft IIS
    > server. Under Apache for both Win32 and Unix, it allows a developer to
    > create dynamic web applications with session management and perl code
    > embedded in static html files.
    > This is a portable solution, similar to ActiveState PerlScript and MKS
    > PScript implementation of perl for IIS ASP. Work has been done and will
    > continue to make ports to and from these other implementations as smooth
    > as possible.
    > This module works under the Apache HTTP Server with the mod_perl module
    > enabled. See and for
    > further information.
    > For database access, ActiveX, and scripting language issues, please read
    > the FAQ section.
    > WWW:
    > -- Igor
    > [end of pkg-descr]
    > That doesn't look like an especially good match to me. :-{
    > Further, the above-cited FAQ entry reads:
    > VBScript or JScript supported?
    > Yes, but not with this Perl module. For ASP with other scripting
    > languages besides Perl, you will need to go with a commercial vendor in
    > the UNIX world. Sun and Stryon have such solutions. Of course on Windows
    > NT and Windows 2000, you get VBScript for free with IIS.
    > Sun ONE Active Server Pages (formerly Sun Chili!Soft ASP)
    > Instant ASP from Stryon (formerly Halcyon Software)
    > [end of FAQ excerpt]
    > which sounds downright discouraging. :-(
    > So: would anyone care to offer clues as to how to support ASP using
    > Javascript as a scripting language under FreeBSD, preferably using
    > Apache as the Web server?
    > Thanks,
    > david
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