Off: vpnc haxx

Hi folks!

This won't be exactly bsd specific topic but I saw others posted about
vpnc so I think some of you have a clue about cisco devices and ios ;)

I have a small problem with the ezvpn connector itself not with the
connection because that's establish perfectly.
So I have a cisco vpn router somewhere ( where I don't have admin
rights so I can't modify anything ). All vpn client get ip from a
172.16.2.X pool.
My first question is:

is there any way to force the clients to use the same ip after reconnect
without configuring the cisco device?
As I saw this is impossible in windows and in linux or in bsd I can use
a vpnc connect script that's true to modify the tunnel parameters but
here is a little problem, if I modify it then everything will be
unaccessible in the vpn, like the router does not accept my traffic from
that point (it didn't disconnect me).

Ok so if I have 2 client on this subnet they can reach each other via
encrypted tunnel. Thats cool and it works under linux and bsd but not in
windows. It took me some time to find out there is a secured route, what
the router secure :) 192.168.X whatever (this address rage is a remain
of an old setup and now it's not in use anymore) and the windows client
does not allow to access the 172.16.2.X range since an upgrade from 4.6.
Have you got any idea how can I do some hook here to accept the client
communication like between a bsd and linux client on the vpn?




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