Re: 7.0 - ifconfig create is not working as expected?

On Sat, Mar 29, 2008 at 03:43:44PM -0500, Brooks Davis wrote:

I was using following command in FreeBSD 6.2:
# ifconfig lo1 create inet netmask
In FreeBSD 7.0 I got an error:
# ifconfig lo1 create inet netmask
ifconfig: inet: bad value
But it is working splitted in to two commands:
# ifconfig lo1 create
# ifconfig lo1 inet netmask
Is this expected behavior or should I file a PR?
This expected. There's some argument it's wrong, but filing a PR is
unlikely to cause it to change any time soon.

Why? The same with creating gif-tunnel, now I need to invoke ifconfig
twice, once for 'create' and once for other tunnel parameters,
whereas for RELENG_6 this works: 'ifconfig gif0 create tunnel'

This breaks existing setups/scripts. This is POLA issue.
Why was it broken?

Eugene Grosbein
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