reference count bug in sys/netinet/in.c on 6.3

There was a bug in sys/netinet/in.c that was fixed in the RELENG_6
branch, in revision (see;r2=
But, this fix hasn't yet made it into RELENG_6_3. I had a machine
panic on this bug, so I have patched the kernels on all of my 6.3
machines, but I am wondering if this fix might eventually get merged
into RELENG_6_3 and perhaps get an errata update. There was talk about
this on freebsd-stable a couple months ago:

I have quite a few machines running 6.3 and they will likely continue
to do so until it hits end of life. Most use GENERIC or SMP kernels,
so I'd like to be able to install any future updates to their kernels
using freebsd-update. I imagine I'm not the only one who wants to do
this. So, any chance on this fix being applied to RELENG_6_3 so it is
possible to apply it in the future with freebsd-update?

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