Re: howto determine network device unit number? device.hints?

On Thu, Jan 15, 2009 at 08:07:35PM +0200, Yony Yossef wrote:
Eygene Ryabinkin wrote:
I wanted to stress only one point: simple 'kldunload <driver>' and
'kldload <driver>' makes devices to flip for Yony's case.
This means
that unless some PCI hotplug stuff is here (which I don't
believe to
be present, because no physical cards are touched and there is
actually a small amount of PCI hotplug support in FreeBSD), no
physical PCI devices get added or removed from the PCI
child tree. It
looks like that something goes wrong during the PCI tree reprobe on
the driver module loading.

BTW: Thanks for looking further at the software layer first.

VIM is a wee bit easier to use than a bus analyzer.

Most motherboards don't support PCI geographical addressing,
so... I wager it's the network driver code which may be the
source of the problem, based on your analysis!

If this code just doing a blind bump of an instance count and
using that as a "unit number"... well, that's OK and expected
for software virtual devices, but is counter-intuitive for
something like hardware.

But I don't have any mtnic source, so this is pure
speculation on my part.

Correct me if I am wrong, but pci_driver_added from /sys/pci/pci.c
will invoke device_get_children() to get the list of the attached
devices, and for PCI case the list should be static.

Yup, that's right.

I guess that when Yony will enable verbose boot and will show us
kernel messages from two successive kldunload/kldload sequences, we
will get some additional information about what's going on.

Hopefully he will chime in...

[bms does some google searching *before* he thinks about
throwing his toys out of the pram at the Orignal.Poster.]

ding :-) [a light bulb above bms' head]

So... Yony. you're writing a driver.
Maybe there's a bug in it?
That's cool, dude.
Hope it's a nice card and you plan on sharing the sweets with
the rest of the class. ;-)

But seriously, please mention that you are writing a driver
in general questions you might ask about the whole system,
otherwise, FreeBSD volunteers will run around going "Is core
code broken?" and that's not so good for community stress
levels as a whole.

with lemonade,

Sorry for risking the whole community with a massive heart attack Bruce :)
Yes, I am writing a driver and yes, it still has a bug or two I guess..
About sharing it with the rest of the class, that's something I wanted
to ask you guys: what's the procedure for a 10GigE driver to apply
for the FreeBSD kernel?

Pretty much just get it working, make sure it's licensed under a BSD,
MIT, or ISC license (ideally, others are possible, but require more
approval), and then find someone to review and commit it or sponsor the
maintainer for a commit bit.

Mellanox has started porting it's products to FreeBSD about a year
ago, hoping to see our 10GigE and InfiniBand drivers inbox next year.


-- Brooks

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