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On Tuesday 27 January 2009 06:18:09 jmaps-fbsdnet@xxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
I've read through what I could find in this list and also in the top 50
results on google... I can't find anything that'll actually make this work.

My DSL ISP is too far away to give me anything faster than 1.5mbps down. In
despiration I signed up for comcast to use for bulk traffic.

Thus, I want to route critical traffic (22, 25, 53, (maybe) 80, 443)
through the DSL provider and the rest through cable.

I really feel like this should be possible with PF with something like:

nat on $dsl_if from ($int_if:network) to any port $dslports -> ($dsl_if)
nat on $cbl_if from ($int_if:network) to any -> ($cbl_if)


pass in quick on $int_if route-to { ($dsl_if $dsl_gw) } proto { tcp udp }
from ($int_if:network) to any port $dslports

Neither (or both) seem to do it. All traffic ends up getting routed through
whichever ISP i have set as the default route.

Take a look at:

You are probably missing the following part of the setup:
| To ensure that packets with a source address belonging to $ext_if1 are
| always routed to $ext_gw1 (and similarly for $ext_if2 and $ext_gw2), the
| following two lines should be included in the ruleset:
| pass out on $ext_if1 route-to ($ext_if2 $ext_gw2) from $ext_if2 \
| to any
| pass out on $ext_if2 route-to ($ext_if1 $ext_gw1) from $ext_if1 \
| to any

This obviously has to be adapted for you specific setup - but in general this
works as expected.

Now, I hear i can go over to linux and just configure both default routes
at the same time (trivial with iproute2). But I'd rather avoid that if at
all possible.

Is there some trick I'm missing? Does quagga (bgpd) allow for this kind of
routing scheme?

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