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Date: 04/14/04

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    Date: Wed, 14 Apr 2004 12:51:00 -0500
    To: Andrew White <>,

    I'll 2nd that, I've been a happy m0n0wall user since pb14 (mid 2003?).
    the thing "just works".

    Andrew White wrote:

    >You might want to try m0n0wall
    >You could forget having a hardrive at all and use a flashcard instead,
    >leaving you with no mechanical parts to fail...
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    >Subject: Going small
    >Hope everyone had a nice easter.
    >I've decided to stop messing about with noisy old 486s for the gateway/
    >firewall. The one I've been configuring runs just fine but it has a large
    >hot heatsink cooling some power transistor/regulator devices and I just
    >don't trust it for 24/7 use in a cupboard...
    >I'm going to get a Soekris Net4801 and fit a 30G HD from a broken laptop I
    >was given. Just undecided whether to get it from the USA or Belgium (I'm in
    >the UK); the 21%VAT against the better exchange rate etc.
    >(Update: they were out of stock at the manufacturers so I've ordered one
    >from with case and 2.5" hard drive mounting kit.
    >Got my name on the last one! I could have it before the weekend.)
    >I don't know much about them at this stage, except they run FreeBSD of
    >course and they're probably ten times as efficient as the thing I was going
    >to use.
    >I'll write my findings here if no-one strongly objects.
    >Some good pages I've found so far:
    >I'll be going against the recommendation to use a physically separate device
    >for the firewall on the grounds that I can enable some server side filtering
    >at the ISP and I can't afford two soekrises just now.
    >So it will run ipf, ipnat, ipmon, ftpd, ntp, bind (caching only at first),
    >sendmail and boa (web server).

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