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From: Gianluca (
Date: 12/23/04

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    Date: Thu, 23 Dec 2004 12:18:01 -0800

    as a freebsd newbie myself, I'm a little ambivalent about the list and
    the overall attitude towards really FAQ-type questions. no matter how
    many helpful (and knowledgeable) people might monitor this list and
    answer every question, RTFM (not in such a rude way) is a necessary
    answer in the OSS world: if you're installing freebsd and get
    intimidated by the tcsh prompt, there's something intrinsically wrong
    that no number of helpful answers will correct. I did choose freebsd
    over the other free *nixes for my impression of better documentation
    and community support, but especially because there's already an
    awesome piece of documentation like the handbook, questions that are
    really too basic are just adding to the background noise.

    what I'd really like/need as a newbie are more tutorials in the style
    of samba's how-to, i.e. walkthroughs for selected scenarios that are
    representative of real-world use of the OS. stuff like what the
    freebsddiary provides, but much more and more oriented to newbies/home
    users that are probably coming from windows. I'm thinking for example
    of common things like setting up a home firewall, or a simple file
    server (maybe with RAID which is what I'm struggling w/ right now)
    with recommendations all the way from the hardware ("if you're buying
    new, X is more supported than Y" is something I'd really like to see
    explicitly more often) to installation, configuration and maintenance.

    having said that I wouldn't want to see newbies- go though :)

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