sysutils/fusefs-ntfs: slow reading/writing speed


I have tried sysutils/fusefs-ntfs (version 1.0) and had a maximum write
speed of 1.2MB/Sec. Reading is a little faster: 2MB/Sec.

There were some discussions about this in the ntfs-3g forums, and they
said was fixed in the new beta version (now it's stable, see official
site), note that by default it uses an option that is not available on
FreeBSD's mount_fusefs, so try with "-o no_def_opts".

It makes no difference for me. However I found the following which says
"the reason for the slow copy on FreeBSD is the lack of buffer cache
for block devices which should be solved in FreeBSD 7.0", and mentions
"ublio", a library for user space cache which can be used with it, made
by the author of fuse4bsd. The rest of the thread is irrelevant for the
matter. Is this change going to be MFC'ed to RELENG_6?

Unfortunately I couldn't make it work, if someone has time, please take
a look. It would be really appreciated.

I tried contacting the port maintainer and fuse4bsd/libublio author
without response.

Also I have posted this to freebsd-hackers@ without response, maybe
this is the right place for this kind of discussions.

Thanks and Best Regards,

P.S.: please CC me as I'm not subscribed.

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