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From: Doug Lee (
Date: 07/10/03

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    Date: Thu, 10 Jul 2003 15:16:46 -0400
    To: lewiz <>,

    Oops, I meant to mention I use sendmail for my MTA but sometimes
    consider switching to Postfix for ease of maintenance.

    Leaving the rest of this message here for anyone reading last-first;
    sorry for top-quoting...

    On Thu, Jul 10, 2003 at 08:10:11PM +0100, lewiz wrote:
    > On Thu, Jul 10, 2003 at 12:05:43PM -0400, Doug Lee wrote:
    > > I seek a good system (or systems) for filtering out mail spam, email
    > > viruses, and web pop-up ads and such at our FreeBSD Internet gateway.
    > For adverts I run Squid with adzap (in the ports). I find it pretty
    > good, although I find the pop-up support a little less advanced.
    > The email situation is different (since not everybody runs the same MTA
    > (although /almost/ all people running proxies I know do use squid)) and
    > depends heavily on your MTA. I have tried quite a few (although for
    > very low volume) and am now settled on Exim (althogh Postfix would suit
    > my needs just as well). Whatever you do (imho) do /not/ use Courier,
    > because it is slightly pedantic about standards.
    > I run Exim with Julian Page's MailScanner (,
    > which I find suits my purposes nicely. It supports many virus scanners
    > and uses SpamAssassin for spam checks (SpamAssassin also supports
    > Bayesian filtering). You can use more than one virus scanner, too.
    > If you're using Qmail, there is the excellent Qmail-scanner, which does
    > a similar job. MailScanner will also work with Qmail, though, and I
    > like the way it works. Postfix and Sendmail are also supported.
    > Another cross-MTA scanner is amavis (incld. amavis, amavisd and
    > amavisd-new -- who knows which to pick?).
    > SpamAssassian can either add headers to ``considered spam mails'' and
    > you can filter them on a per-user basis with procmail (or even allow the
    > user to do it from the MUA -- possibly changing the Subject instead of
    > the header), or just delete the mail.
    > > mailscanner
    > Weee!
    > > Spam Assassin
    > Used by MailScanner.
    > > Vipul's Razor (the razor-agents port)
    > See above.
    > > 2. Minimal upkeep time required from admin.
    > Since setup I've not had to look at MailScanner (or adzap) again.
    > > 3. Simplicity of use by user (users can mail spam to an address I set
    > > up so it's flagged as spam, but I don't want users to have to know a
    > > lot of tech stuff like procmail just to filter spam).
    > You could easily do something yourself to create a procmailrc, or just
    > provide a stock one, and allow more advanced users to modify it, if they
    > wish.
    > > Virus protection at the gateway is a lower priority since we protect
    > > individual computers, but it wouldn't hurt.
    > For mail it's more important to do it at the gateway, I would have
    > thought. Especially where Outlook is concerned... :)
    > Best wishes,
    > -lewiz.
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