RE: how to tell if my ISP is blocking email & web ports

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Date: 01/22/04

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    Thanks to all of you that responded.

    I did not want to install Apache just to have something listening
    on port 80. So I edited /etc/services and commented out the
    http 80 statements and the telnet 23 statements and them copied
    the telnet tcp statement and changes it's port to 80.
    Enabled inetd in rc.conf.

    I used one of my LAN PC's to telnet into to port 80 and it worked.
    I then called my friend with winme box who uses different ISP.
    He logged on and used native dos to try to telnet into my
    port 25 and 80. In both cases he was not able to connect to my
    IP address.
    This proves that Adelphia cable service is blocking those 2 ports.

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    > My friends PC is an MS/Windows 98 box.
    > I know all windows system have telnet in
    > Which is reachable from start/run and opens an native dos window.
    > Would anybody know the syntax of the native dos telnet command
    > to include the port number to use?
    > telnet would get me to the telnet port
    > at that IP address.

    I believe Just add the port number at the end...
    Telnet 25
    For testing a mail server connection for example. I don't have
    that old to test it on though. Works in XP for sure, I use it


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