Does NDISulator work on amd64? Has anyone made this work?

I have a Compac Presario V2607CL notebook with a Turion chip. I have 6.1-RELEASE for amd64 loaded.
It is running fine. But I'm trying toget the built in Broadcom wireless working.

I downloaded the driver from The .INF file was over 600K but most of that was multiple language
support. (The INF file was in UNICODE). I hacked out all the strings for languages I wasn't interested in and
the whole thing shrunk down to around 47K after I stored it as text rather than as UNICODE.

After thus fixing up the INF file ndiscvt had no complaint and created a header file. The make on the
kernel module proceeded without error messages. There is now an "ndis.ko" file in /boot/kernel.

But when I do
ifconfig ndis0
I get an error message saying that there is no ndis0 interface. I don't know what my next step should be.

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