Re: [IMPORTANT] Adaptec no longer supporting iir(4) driver ...

User Freebsd wrote this message on Mon, Jul 31, 2006 at 22:44 -0300:
For those that haven't been following the discussion on this, the iir(4)
driver in FreeBSD 6.x appears to have a deadlock issue under medium to
heavy load, where the 'blocked' state just continues to rise until file
accesses just no longer work ...

So, if you are running a server that is using the iir(4) device driver and
are considering upgrading to FreeBSD 6.x and beyond, or are looking to
build a new machine using a device that relies on this driver, do so at
your own peril ...

Please note that this deadlock issue exists on *both* the ICP Vortex
cards, *and* the Intel based RAID controllers ...

Have you tried the driver in -current and/or 6.1-R? Specificly v1.14
and v1.13.2.1 of iir.c that limits the simq to 32 commands? We are
running w/ this modifications w/o issues on 6.0-R w/ SRCU31A and SRCU42L
cards... We have a few GDT cards also that I don't believe we are
having any issues with...

Infact, scottl tracked down that change after a bit of proding from me
on behalf of my employer nCircle... (Though it helped that he was able
to reproduce it in his lab.)...

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