Re: Wine and FreeBSD how to

Gautham Ganapathy wrote:
On Mon, 2006-07-31 at 06:28 -0700, Joshua Lewis wrote:
I installed wine on my 6.1 system but I don't see a config file
anywhere on the system. Has anyone installed and used Wine
successfully that could point me towards an easy FreeBSD how to? Or
something similar. I told my 7 year old I would load a game for him
and wanted to look for an easy how too.
Joshua Lewis

Run 'wine' once from the shell for it to generate the .wine directory
under $HOME. Then, try using 'winecfg' for configuration

However, so far I have not been able to get anything more complex than
notepad running under wine on freebsd-6.1-release


There's a nice technical discussion of WINE vs FreeBSD over on hackers@ ( that talks about why wine doesn't work. Supposedly if you set up wine to emulate Win2K it'll work better, but not perfectly (like WINE ever worked perfectly :) and there are patches in the pipeline that'll help with some other problems.

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