Re: Needing a guide/tutorial please

Looking for a guide online somewhere that will walk me through
setting up a mail server with the following items on it.

Postfix (pop3 and smtp setup)
MySQL (for database driven mail user administration)
MyPHPAdmin (to visually admin the database)
Squirrelmail (for webmail)
Apache (for squirrelmail)
Dovecot Imap (for squirrelmail)
Postfix Admin <- this is the reason for the need to have a mysql driven
mail user database. It's apparently required for this to work. Plus
database driven user management tends to be easier. Of course, if you
of a better way to graphically admin mail users without using a database,
I'm all ears. :)
And lastly, some kind of web based server admin page that's similar to
webmin, but more secure.

I want to setup a mail server with all these elements, have
postfix, squirrelmail and dovecot be database driven and somehow create a
mailbox tree for the webmail users for saved, spam, sent and trashcan
folders. Also, lastly, which format for mail is better? Maildir or
Mbox? I'm partial to Mbox, but I've heard some others say Maildir is
better. The server is only going to host about 30-40 users for a realty
company, so security is priority, plus it needs to have ease of
administration because the guy who's going to admin this in the end (I'm
just building it, he's maintaining it) isn't unix savy. I've already done
a lot of google diving, but with little luck. Hence why I'm asking
here. If someone knows of a good guide or series of guides that'll help
through all this, it'd be greatly appreciated. I'm used to doing this the
hard way with sendmail and the regular freebsd users through the
console. So I'm really new to postfix, but I'm using it because it's
supposedly more secure. I'd have the guy who's admining it do the same,
but he's too green in the console to risk it. ;)

Many thanks in advance for any help you can provide. :)

Steven Lake
Owner/Technical Writer
Raiden's Realm
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Youve asked at lot of questions in one here.

For 30 to 40 users what you are proposing is way over the top, I would
stay away from mysql etc.

I am using qmail + courier(pop3 & imap) + calamav + squirrelmail etc base
on the installation from with some tweeks from
Bill Olson's site for spamassassin rules
and learning etc. Bill's site is useful as he uses FreeBsd. I also used
the Chkuser patch (rejecting mails during smtp for non existing users)
from John Simpson's site + block lists. The setup
uses web based qmailadmin for managing mail boxes.

It has been running for nearly 2 years now and the only maintanence has
been updating clamav and tweeking the spamassassin rules.

BTW qmailrocks has an updated script for a freebsd installation using most
of the latest sw from ports. Although this is Beta3 it works - just used
it for a small business, there is also an active mailing list where Bill
and John are posting.

Hope this helps and guys please no postfix is better etc.


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