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Hi all,

I met with a developer of the Real Player at Linux World. She says
they would *love* to port a native version of the Real player to
FreeBSD. Yay! She even showed me that they have an older FreeBSD dev
environment set up and are ready to start to try compiling it for
release after we get it up to date.

Yay ! Good work :)

We need a couple of FreeBSD experts to assist with
questions/expertise/feedback to make sure this gets finished ;-)
Please send me your name/email off list and I'll reply to her with a
shortlist of who can help them.

Since it's great to volunteer others ;-) maybe netchild@ (cc'ed) has
time for this ?

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Also, we're currently only running nightly builds for the stable
branch on FreeBSD. Do you think we should be running the current
branch as well? That's where all the new functionality is going -
like playlists and Windows Media (ahem.. if you have a license for
it). Depending on how long porting work takes, FreeBSD may want to
just skip the currently released player and go for all the new

From our point of view it would be no problem to have both in the Ports
Tree (The second as -devel).

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