Re: Remote access to config FreeBSD server

--On Monday, February 19, 2007 19:26:02 -0800 satimis <satimis@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Hi folks,


I'm going to install the captioned OS as server, web/mail/database etc.,
for test purpose and without X. I'm prepared to connect a workstation
for fine tuning the server. Can I use a Linux workstation to do the job
because I have no FreeBSD workstation here? OR I must run a FreeBSD
workstation. If YES, pls advise where can I find relevent steps to do
the job. I'll have SSH enabled on the server.

You can use anything that can run an ssh client. Even Windows can do that - if you install one.

I need GUI browser to connect outside World for searching documents and
seeking help. I found elinks not easy to read html website.

You can't run a GUI browser without running X.

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