Re: Dell Inspiron 1501 "Express PCI" slot

Fed Ex delivered a Wistron Neweb CM9 Mini-PCI wireless nic to me
Uhhhh, now I find that it won't fit in the PCI slot in my Dell
Inspiron 1501 because Dell no longer uses standard sized PCI slots.
They call them "Express PCI" slots.

Does anyone know of an adapter that will mate the one to the other?

In principle, it "should" be possible to build a PCI-Express
card containing a PCI-Express to PCI bridge chip and one or
more PCI slots. I have no idea whether such a device is
commercially available.

In practice, the combination might not fit in the box, and/or
the BIOS might not be set up to enumerate a PCI bus downstream
of the PCI-Express bus.
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