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On Sat, 26 May 2007 16:52:56 +0200
deeptech71@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
pf and altq are enabled. My ISP allows 16kB/s upload and 128kB/s
download. I want to use half of that. What should pf.conf contain, to
limit my computer's upload and download speeds? I've tried:

altq sk0 cbq bandwidth 1576Kb queue { lan, upload, download }
queue lan bandwidth 1000Kb cbq(default)
queue upload bandwidth 64Kb cbq
queue download bandwidth 512Kb cbq
block in all
pass in quick on sk0 from queue lan
pass in all on sk0 queue download
block out all
pass out quick on sk0 to queue lan
pass out all on sk0 queue upload

AFAIK ALTQ only queues outgoing traffic, and pass in quick on sk0 from queue lan means: send the packet to the lan queue if it's
routed out via the
interface to which "queue lan" is attached, i.e. back out via sk0 -
which isn't going to happen.

That would explain. So is there any way to limit the speed at which i'm
downloading? Come on I've seen a bunch of software like this for Windows on
the net!

According to it _can_ work
if you have a separate router See the examples.

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