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At 03:03 AM 7/19/2007, Gabriel Linder wrote:

I plan to setup FreeBSD 6.2-RELEASE on my Core Duo laptop with 1GB of RAM.

The handbook says "ideal swap size is 2xRAM", so should I use 2GB of swap ?

Yes unless you know how many applications will ever be run and their run size. The 2xRAM is so you can always have a reasonable performance allowing swap. You can still run out of swap, and this will cause a panic. With disks so cheap, why not use 2XRAM?

This seems a bit huge to me, I never used more than 400MB on Linux.
If so, is there a limit of swap partition size (or number) on i386 (for Linux it's 2GB per partition and 32 partitions max, but I don't know for FreeBSD) ?

You can add more swap using a swap file you can check that out doing:
man swapon

I don't believe there is a limit to swap partitions, other than the limit on other partitions.

I have no knowledge on efficiency of a swap partition vs a swap file.

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