Re: Binding dhclient to a particular network interface


I gave this a shot, but this stopped the interface being assigned an IP
address at all (i.e... before the change, the interface had a valid IP
address assigned by the DHCP server in my cable modem, but after making the
change and restarting, the "ifconfig" command shows the interface having an
IP address of

I do agree though - the man page explicitly says that this should work.

Oh, and i'm absolutely sure that the interface is configured to use DHCP.

------ /etc/rc.conf snippet -------------------
network_interfaces="ed1 ed2 lo0"
ifconfig_ed2="inet netmask"

I added the dhclient_flags line you suggested, after the ifconfig_lo0 line
shown above, though as far as I know the order does not matter. Thanks for
the suggestion though.

Anyone have anymore ideas?



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Jasvinder S. Bahra wrote:

I tried adding the interface line to the dhclient configuration file
then rebooting), but it had no effect. Entering the "sockstat -l4"
showed that local address was still "*:68".

"man dhclient" suggests that the interface needs to be specified on the
command line. Try adding:

dhclient_flags="ed1" /etc/rc.conf, and double-check that you already have that interface
configured to use DHCP while you're there. :-)


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