Re: php5-5.2.3_1 / website behaves as if not enabled in httpd.conf

On Wednesday 12 September 2007 21:28:45 Eric wrote:
Mel wrote:
On Wednesday 12 September 2007 09:23:19 Zbigniew Szalbot wrote:
Hi there again,

Change the order of the extensions in extensions.ini. Each upgrade the
order is magically different, but the following comments I've assembled
over time: $ grep '^;' /usr/local/etc/php/extensions.ini
; NOTE: spl makes php coredump if loaded after pspell
; NOTE 2: simplexml makes php coredump if loaded after pspell

Yes, pspell is the common factor, but it isn't always. I should've kept
track, but the binding factor seems to be php extensions using a
C++-written library.
Once I see the coredump, I start moving the last extension up and re-run
php -v. If it's all the way up, take the next extension on the bottom and
rince and repeat.

i see the same behavior if session module is loaded after other modules.
Moving things around fixes this. I use the php -v trick as well until
the core dump goes away

Correct, it started with session in 5.1.x, only on -cli, so I moved it from
extensions.ini to etc/php.ini and *not* in etc/php-cli.ini (cli doesn't need
sessions 99.9% of the time anyway). Later another module was the cause, so I
started looking into it more.

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