Re: mixer levels on boot

Harry Doyle wrote:
however whenever i reboot the machine the mixer command always shows the
default level of 90 which clips pretty hard.

My 6.2 system saves and restores the mixer settings across boots. Apparently in the file /var/db/mixer0-state However, the file is root owned and 644; perhaps if you create the file and chmod it writable, your settings will stick?

Or you could put the command in your script. "mixer -S" dumps the current settings in a format mixer can read back. I do this in a script that dribbles music on hold to our phone system:

mixer_default="vol 45:45 pcm 40:40"

# Call mixer command to set params specified in conf file, or defaults.
set_mixer() {
if [ -f $home_dir/mixer.conf ]; then
mixer `cat $home_dir/mixer.conf`
echo "set mixer.conf params"
mixer $mixer_default
echo "set mixer default values"


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