Re: How to I turn off the colors in emacs?

On Tue, 01 Apr 2008 14:04:29 +0100, Dieter <freebsd@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
FreeBSD 7.0 with package emacs-22.1_2

Attempt to edit a C file and emacs goes into some colorized mode.
Of course it chooses colors that are unreadable.
How do I turn OFF the colors and get simple black and white?
(ASCII mode, not X11)

The default global-font-lock value has changed in Emacs 22.X, and it is
now turned *on*. So if you want to turn font-lock off, you will have to
turn it off. This should be as easy as adding the following to your
~/.emacs startup file:

(global-font-lock -1)

But this doesn't start Emacs in `no colors should be used at all' mode.
If you want to do that, you can fire up Emacs with:

emacs --color=no

Then Emacs will only use the usual `bold', `underline' and `reverse
video' attributes for displayed characters.


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