Re: connecting to a secured Windows 2003 terminal server

Wojciech Puchar wrote:
doubt, since even after googling for nearly five days I couldn't find any solution.

Recently my company has updated their server to Windows 2003. The earlier 2000 server didn't have SSL enabled, so rdp/rdesktop worked for me without any problem. But now, as I try to connect to the server, it simply gives me
ERROR: recv: Connection reset by peer

why such questions are on FreeBSD list ?

rdp/rdesktop is not FreeBSD specific at all, and FreeBSD is not Windows.

search the rdesktop mailing list etc. and ask there!

Did you even consider the possibility that the OP is connecting to a terminal/rdp server from a FreeBSD workstation?

I know I've done it numerous times in the past. I think that if this is the case, its very FreeBSD related.

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