Re: best way to add patch to x11/slim-1.3.1

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Greg Larkin wrote:

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Fbsd1 wrote:

On the developers website there is a patch i want to apply

[ Patch #2283 ] Add a variable to run shutdown commands without root

How can i get "make install" to apply this patch while compiling the

Hi Fbsd1,

Since you've already found a unified diff of the change that you want to
incorporate into the port, you can submit a PR (problem report) using
the form here:

Just follow the instructions on that page, and your patch will be
submitted to the PR system. The port maintainer reviews your PR, makes
the necessary change and possibly updates the port's revision number.
You then use portupgrade or some other means to install the new version
of the port with the incorporated patch.

Hope that helps,
- --
Greg Larkin

I submitted PR like you suggested, But i am in need of more immediate
results. What changes to the port files do i need to make to get the port to
complie in the patch file?

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If I remember correctly you just add the patch file to the files/ directory
under the port with a name like patch-<file to be patched>
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