Re: Why FreeBSD not popular on hardware vendors

On Sun, 7 Dec 2008 09:40:46 +0100 (CET)
Wojciech Puchar <wojtek@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

manufacturers of hardware. More recently there were times when
anybody from

because managers/bosses concentrate on majority, not minority of users.

That is plain good business sense. As Willy Sutton once remarked to a
reporter, Mitch Ohnstad, who asked why he robbed banks by saying,
"because that's where the money is."

manufacturers did not notice Linux. However now it is possible to
find a few

given out "put normal OS - their list is at us on a site and then we

i recommend you to find "normal shop" to buy hardware, that allow you
to fully test computer before buying.

Obvious, if you are buying a custom built unit. Maybe, even if you
buying a generic unit.

if you think there are larger (even hundreds means larger) start
selling "FreeBSD compatible computers" in your area!

You could make money on that, many people will easily spend 100$ more
for computer that is already tested 100% FreeBSD compatible.

All you have to do is to test/check lots of different parts of
hardware if it actually work with FreeBSD fine, and make computers
from that parts.

The problem with the business design is what do you do if a customer
wants a specific hardware device that FreeBSD does not support. The
changes of that happening in Linux are much less, and with Windows,
virtually never at all.

IMHO, before FreeBSD can make a significant market share improvement,
it has to improve its hardware support. NVidia, for one, has expressed
a desire to support FreeBSD; however, it needs the FreeBSD organization
to improve its basic product, especially in the 64-bit systems, which
are the future of computing.


There are ten or twenty basic truths, and life
is the process of discovering them over and over and over.

David Nichols

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