Re: Why FreeBSD not popular on hardware vendors

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Da Rock <rock_on_the_web@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

The possibility here is the bells and whistles strangely enough DO
work in tune and without sore lips... FreeBSD could be THAT good.

i'm not so sure that is really "THAT good". bells and whistles if not
carefully thought out and implemented can add to instability. possibly
more important, they can pervert the original good idea.

i think the newer kde's is a case in point (from my personal
experience, albeit). version 3 was good (despite the occasional
crash). version 4 seemed to try to do all sorts of stuff and outdo
windoze at being windoze. i'm using dwm :D

i think this issue was dealt with rather well in the openbsd faq:
1.10 - Can I use OpenBSD as a desktop system?
This question is often asked in exactly this manner -- with no
explanation of what the asker means by "desktop". The only person who
can answer that question is you, as it depends on what your needs and
expectations are.

While OpenBSD has a great reputation as a "server" operating system, it
can be and is used on the desktop. Many "desktop" applications are
available through packages and ports. As with all operating system
decisions, the question is: can it do the job you desire in the way you
wish? You must answer this question for yourself.

while i agree with you as far as having suitable driver accessibility, i
don't see why one system needs to try to be all things to all people.

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