cups raw printing - client print queue sticking

I have cups set up on a FreeBSD server to receive raw queues from windows clients on my home network. It is being used indepently of Samba. Access is invoked directly with http - http://xx.yy.zz.ww:631/printers/lex312raw . The printer is an elderly Lexmark 312L.

The printer prints fine from 3 different WinXP clients - except the windows print queue does not clear properly.

Basically, I set up the printer via the cups gui interface and all works well but the windows print manager queue sticks. The queue permanently shows status of "processing" . Interestingly, I can print multiple print jobs and only one job remains permanently stuck. Which could/may mean that each new job clears the "processing" status of the last job..?? Each subsequent job prints fine, test pages, images, files all seem to work but the Windows print manager doesn't clear. Seems like a final handshake going wrong..?

Could this be a client side setting?
Thanks for any advice out there.


Graham North
Vancouver BC

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