Re: php4 + php5

Mark wrote:
Using a single Apache 1.3.x install, is there a way to install both

mod_php4 + mod_php5 together? I can't just upgrade to php5: not every

webboard and such accepts php5 yet. On some dirs (or per vhost) I like

the Apache server to use php5, though.

No. At least, not within the current ports system. Quite apart from
anything else, the php4 and php5 ports conflict -- they fight over
installing files to certain locations. I'm also not certain that loading both mod_php4 and mod_php5 into the same instance of Apache
is viable.

The standard answer to this sort of problem is to use multiple instances
of apache. There's support in the rc scripts to do that[*] -- you'll have
to work out a mechanism (proxying, running different instances on
different IP numbers or ports, etc.) to get the web traffic into the correct
apache instance.

However, the conflicts between php4 and php5 make this unfeasible, and
probably the solution here is to use separately jailed instances of apache.



[*] Well, there certainly is for apache22 -- I assume that the same applies
to the other apache versions in the ports.

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