Re: Don't let mergemaster beat you down [was Re: Failed update]

On Tuesday 11 August 2009 05:23:28 Arthur Chance wrote:
Wayne Sierke wrote:
I lost practically all of my 'mergemaster pain' when I adopted the habit
of using it with -iUP options:

-i Automatically install any files that do not exist in the des-
tination directory.
-P Preserve files that you replace in
/var/tmp/mergemaster/preserved-files-<date>, or another
directory you specify in your mergemaster rc file.
-U Attempt to auto upgrade files that have not been user modi-

How does -U compare to -F? I've found that saves a lot of tedium.

-U saves a lot on major version upgrades as that tends to have a lot of
changes in /etc/rc.*, something most of us don't touch by hand. However, the
feature depends on having a fingerprint of the files, so that mergemaster can
determine if you changed the file. Before using the feature and before
upgrading it's therefore recommended to do a dry run so that the file
(/var/db/mergemaster.mtree) is created.
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