Re: Removing firefox-,1 from system

Jerry <gesbbb@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

I recently installed on my system. For some
reason it brought in firefox-2 also. I all ready had Firefox-3.5
installed. I do not want or need two different installations of Firefox
on my system.

Firefox-2 appears to be required by these programs.

/var/db/pkg $ pkg_info -R firefox-,1
Information for firefox-,1:

Required by:

I am not sure why these programs require Firefox-2 since Firefox-3.5
was installed prior to their installation.

Is there any way I can safely remove Firefox-2 and force the use of
Firefox-3.5 instead without breaking anything?

It's not using the firefox2 executable, but for gecko support. You will
need to rebuild each port from which you want to remove the dependency.

Some time soon, the Makefile support will change to using www/libxul
instead of its current system. If you want to make an equivalent change
before then, you can put WITH_GECKO=libxul in your make.conf and rebuild
the dependent ports.

See for more information, or just keep an eye on it to see
when the changes come into the tree.
Lowell Gilbert, embedded/networking software engineer, Boston area
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