Re: Loading kernel modules for virtualbox via script

Leslie Jensen wrote:

On 2009-12-21 17:35, Rolf Nielsen wrote:
Leslie Jensen wrote:

Following the suggestion here:

To load two kernel modules via a script in /etc/rc.d/

Produces the following:

WARNING: Ignoring old-style startup script /etc/rc.d/

I found the answer here:

I would like a suggestion on how to load the modules!



Can't you load the modules from /boot/loader.conf? AFAIK VirtualBox
places its modules in /boot/modules, which makes them loadable by
load_modulename="YES" in /boot/loader.conf, where modulename should be
replaced by the filename of the module(s), omitting the leading path and
the .ko suffix, e.g. nvidia_load=YES" loads /boot/modules/nvidia.ko.


I read in the same post that the loading order was important, and the way I understood it was that, if I load via loader.conf I could not be sure that the order is correct!

If the order is important, one probably depends on the other. Try loading only one of them and see if it automagically loads the other one.

Or I guess you could simply load them from /etc/rc.local. Though that is, AFAIK, no longer a recommended way to do things, it does still work.
I start a few things from there, simply because I couldn't be bothered with writing an rc.d script.
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