Re: New user - small file server questions and quick GUI question

On Mon, Dec 28, 2009 at 16:23, Kaya Saman <SamanKaya@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

So, given what you've written below, you probably know more about this
stuff than I do. Cool. I will echo the advice already given, however:



to your /etc/rc.conf. That will most likely clear your problem.

Did you install gnome from source, or did you use 'pkg_add -r'? I
don't know why, but I seem to have better luck, though it takes much
longer, if I use 'make install' from the ports tree.

I used pkg_add! Am such a package manager guy as although have compiled
quite a bit of stuff I find on some systems such as Sun Solaris compiling
can be a nightmare. Especially if it means hacking out source code and using
special make parameters as I'm not a programmer but also not that far
advanced when it comes down to building software from scratch!

I'm not far along that learning curve myself. Heh.

I started on an old Toshiba laptop with 256mbytes RAM, and Freesbie
worked well on that. I then learned how to install from scratch. That
was, um, interesting. I hated Linux, as it seems so arcane. Well,
perhaps 'hate' is too strong a word, but it left a bad taste in my
mouth. Once I worked with FreeBSD, it became much more clear. Things
seem to be done more sanely in FreeBSD. Now I have a nice 4gbyte
Lenovo T61, and I still like xfce4 - it does what I want, and I didn't
want to expend the effort to learn anything new.

Well, Linux has its advantages and for the last 2 years have completely used
it as an M$ Windowz replacement as one can do almost everything on it. When
I meant; not used to doing things from scratch I meant building the OS. I
actually prefer doing a minimal install of CentOS with no software or GUI at
all and then building the system up to what I need when it comes down to

Means I can fine tune the system that way and only use the system resources
for what I need.

That's what I do with mine under FreeBSD, for both servers and workstations.

Being a user of both Solaris and Linux though, they are both pretty cool
with Solaris only hindered by lack of software and multimedia apps.
Otherwise I think Solaris in Open guise would win anyday provided that the
H/W support was as vast as Linux.

I need to dive back into Linux - I want to figure out Xen now that it
can do live migrations/failover, and FreeBSD doesn't do Dom0 - yet.
So, I'll probably try out CentOS, though I suppose I could use NetBSD.

Wish there was something more, new and interesting but they're all a bit
bland after a while. Gnome I find is more functional!

If anyone has any idea of getting something like they use on TV shows like
NCIS and CSI that would be really cool (not Hollywood OS) or something they
use in the military that one sees on the discovery channel say on the US
Navy ships.

I mean I do develop GUI's for the OpenSolaris spin-off distro Belenix which
can be seen here:

under themes.

But really need a new concept of completely tricked out geeky 'suped' up WM.
Lot's of bar graphs, text outputs and other really cool stuff embedded into
it :-) - no need for Gkrellm or Conky or Torsmo anymore!

Eh. I just want something that works and keeps out of my way - xfce
seems to do that just fine. For me, 'cool' is the apps and what I can
do with them.

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