Re: spamassassin Y2010 bug

Jeffrey Goldberg wrote:
On Jan 3, 2010, at 2:10 PM, Matthew Seaman wrote:

There's a .shar of the new port at:

Comments, critique are welcome. Unless there are any killer bugs, I'll
send-pr(1) in a week or so.

Thanks for doing that. It looks great to me. I just wonder about it
being enabled by default. I don't know what official policy is (if
such a thing exists), but my experience with FreeBSD ports is that
while they install things, the user must still explicitly enable

Yes. I considered that myself. There's no clear standard followed by other
ports installing periodic scripts -- some are enabled by default, others
aren't. In the end I went for having it on by default as installing it
does indicate a desire to run it. It's no big deal to switch it around

So if might be a good idea to set the defaults to "NO" and include a
pkg-message that instructs people to add the enabling lines in

Sure. That's no problem.

I'm also wondering about the name of the port. This really is only
one utility.

That's just future proofing...

Anyway, those are trivial concerns. The substance of your port all
looks very good to me.

Excellent. Thank you very much. I've a small cosmetic change -- it needs to
print a blank line before anything else -- and apart from the enabled by
default or not question, I need to force it to do a rules update somehow,
so that code path gets tested properly.



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