Possible to run 2 instances of Bind DNS server in jails??


I'm just reading through a thread right now on a discussion or debate whether to ports Solaris Zones to FreeBSD. My main Google search criteria was basically that I wanted to know if FreeBSD had something similar.....

In this discussion it was mentioned that FreeBSD Jails where the sudo 'equivalent' to Zones but of course behave much more like a chroot environment.

I have to ask if it's possible since I'm coming over from Solaris to dedicate NICs to Jails and run separate instances of applications in there, the one I am looking for primarily is Bind. As I would like to use a Sun Fire V480 server as a mainframe but stuck between the application advantages of FreeBSD and some of the virtualization technologies within Solaris.

Has anyone got any advice or comments as to whether I can achieve my goal??

Many thanks,

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