Re: amd64: Fatal Trap 12 in high load situations

Am Saturday 06 February 2010 11:38:25 schrob Michael Powell:
ms80 wrote:

I have a problem installing / upgrading FreeBSD 8.0-release on a new

The computers specs are:

cpu: AMD Phenom II X4
board: Gigabyte MA790GPT-UD3H
ram: 4x2GBytes DDR3/1333
hdd: 2xMaxtor STM31000528AS
nic: 4x Intel(R) PRO/1000


So here are my questions:
1. Are there any known caveats or quirks regarding my hardware?
2. What can I do to further investigate this issue
3. Not fully on topic but might be related: The buildsystem recognizes my
cpu as "686 class cpu" wich is wrong. Are there any switches I can set in
make.conf to have 'make' use the correct values? Currently I'm using a
blank make.conf, meaning it is not present (as it is by default on a
fresh installed system).


[snip too]

I believe your problem centers around memory. It may not be designed for
AM3 socket and/or may not be able to handle a higher memory multiplier.
When I first put this motherboard in I attempted to boot from an already
installed OS with the memory multiplier set too high and saw numerous
examples similar to what you are describing. Since I had bought 1600MHz
memory I mistakenly set the multiplier too high. When I set it back to
1333MHz everything was fine. Either the memory multiplier is set too high
for your RAM or it is just the wrong RAM to begin with.

As far as make.conf goes I use: CPUTYPE?= k8



Thank you for your reply.
I'm using two of this: OCZ3P1333LVAM4GK
(OCZ DDR3 AMD Edition, rated for 1333MHz at 1.65V). My Board is rated for 1066
- 1600 MHz memory, and neither the website nor the manual say anything about
limitations with memory. Anyway: I didn't overclock cpu or memory. I have
stability and long life in mind, so I try to keep the hardware cool. During
testing I underclocked the memory with 1066 and 800 MHz which didn't help: The
machine crashes anyway. The only thing to note is that by default the board
tries to set 1.5V DDR3 Voltage which is wrong, you have to set it to 1.65V

A faulty piece of hardware was the first thing I suspected and I tested among
other things the memory with memtest86+. This runs fine for 4 passes, without
any error. As far as I can tell, my memory subsystem is ok.

As for make.conf: thanks, I will set this when I try again.

with best regards


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