Re: Java in FF3.6

On Sat, 06 Mar 2010 14:30:28 -0600
Programmer In Training <pit@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> articulated:

According to /usr/ports/UPDATING the Java plugin does not work in
FF3.6. Is this a Java issue, a FireFox issue or a FreeBSD issue? I
just noticed this today as I was going through looking through it
because of the thread about upgrading from perl5.8 to perl5.10 (the
instructions in UPDATING don't seem to be working for me, but that's
not a concern as I'm not looking to upgrade to 5.10, yet).

I didn't know if this question belongs here or on the -ports mailing
list, but I am not x-posting. I'll just start a discussion there
depending on how I'm informed here.

Please check out this URL:

I believer that the FreeBSD version of Java is several versions behind
that. Therefore, it would appear to be a FreeBSD problem.



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