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"Matthew" == Matthew Seaman
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Matthew> As far as I know, perl and its descendant ruby are the
Matthew> only programming languages that let you put the
Matthew> condition test after the action, despite this being
Matthew> exceeding familiar in human languages.

Except, we old-timers remember that Larry Wall directly lifted this
from RSTS-E BASIC-PLUS, which he had used at Pacific University as a
student. Having hacked BASIC-PLUS myself around the same time, I
recognized it instantly.

BASIC-PLUS went further though, allowing them to be nested. So
you'd end up with monstrosities like:

"Beauty is in the eye ...", or, perhaos you would prefer "Only a
mother would ...".

IF a % 3 = 2
FOR a = b TO b+7
FOR b = 0 TO 90 STEP 10;

Oh Randal, don't tease me please about the lack of such loveliness in

- parv


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