Re: magic cmd[s]??

On Sun, May 09, 2010 at 10:47:31AM +0100, Bruce Cran wrote:
On Sunday 09 May 2010 03:54:43 Gary Kline wrote:
for some reason, i am having trouble burning 80-release. i did
get the oc-bsd dvd d/loaded And burned ... and my '05 thinkpad
recognized the dvd and installed. i have failed several times to
d/l the 8.0-R torrent. the checksums are valid. but usinng k3b
only 50% of the task is burned. is there some magic command or
procedure that i'm missing in burning the iso file from my
torrent dir to the dvd?

also, how do i erase the several dvd discs that i would like to
reuse? there are dvd-rw. has a good
explanation of how to write and erase DVDs.

Gaaaak. more than i needed to know! it isn't 'erase'; rather
'blank'; moreover, it seems that i can just overwrite the

my thinkpad optical device =is=, surprisingly, good. my old
5.3 install CD works, so if i torrent either the boot or the
8.0-'all' data, i should have something that boots and also
has all of 8.0-R. [[anybody know if i'm right/wrong/just-hoping?]]

i found the cvsup stuff on pc-bsd, and it looks very much
like my 7.3 files and directories here. has anybody tried to
install 8.0-release FreeBSD on top of pc-bsd? [in other
words: will it work, or am i likely to see smoke coming from
my boat-anchor?]

Bruce Cran

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