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On Sun, 20 Jun 2010 14:41:48 +0100, Bruce Cran <bruce@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
On Sunday 20 June 2010 13:28:44 Aryeh Friedman wrote:
I currently am using mail/thunderbird as my mail reader and it is just
doing the job very well (even with heavy use of filters).... I use
xfce4 on 8.1-PRERELEASE (updated and portmaster -Rafd'ed about 3 weeks
ago).... I am looking for a good replacement suggestions.... here are
the minimal features I need:

* Gmail support
* Filtering (either internal or via external tool)
* Multiple accounts (2)
* Ability to send via local sendmail (my ISP blocks incoming port 25
thats why I am using gmail)
* Handle over 1000 messages a day
* (optional) Plain text archives (unlike how Thunderbird does it)

I'd recommend Claws Mail as a replacement for Thunderbird - I've found it
easier to use than Thunderbird 3 and it seems to understand more about mailing
lists than Thunderbird, which is nice.

I would also suggest this solution, allthough I'm using Sylpheed (the
"predecessor" of Claws). You can use either POP/SMTP or totally local
transport (e. g. sendmail), and you can use mixed forms. Multiple
accounts are no problem. Filterin is no problem. Messages are stored
in the MH format (one file per message, one directory per box / folder).
The program uses Gtk 2. It's also very fast - allthough the Gtk 1
version was faster, but... :-)

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