Re: how now [green] KDE?

On Sat, 9 Oct 2010, Gary Kline wrote:

It has been nearly ten years since I last dealt with getting-X-going. Right now I have ballpark 530 ports installed. Can anybody give me the command that I can type from /usr/ports?

Last time I installed X, I used the x11/xorg metaport and pkg_add:

pkg_add -r xorg

...much faster than building ports. I don't know how much about KDE, but I'd suggest that you get X working first and then tackle KDE, rather than try to do everything in one big step.

Also, what do I add to ~kline/[*]?

I have the file .xinitrc in ~, but I think that gets created by the xorg install process. Don't know what you would need for KDE, but I would hope the package/port would create a default version of whatever you need.

Hope it goes well!

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