Re: ImageMagick, Djvu, and Perl-threaded - marked as IGNORE when updating

On 12/27/10, David Southwell <david@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
What concerns me is perl-threaded _is_ installed but it can't see

Do you have in:



Perhaps I'm a little daft atm. Either way I want to be clear: Are you
saying the define needs to be in the make.conf so that it will build
correctly? It _does not_ actually look at what perl is installed?

IF that is the case, then wtf? Either ImageMagick should be checking
the actual pkg installed, or the perl port should be defining this in
the make.conf, right? Seeing as perl already makes a define in

Meanwhile I'll check it out. Cheers

Yep you need that line in make.conf

Who made this claim? This is not some standard, user-configurable
knob -- it is only used by 5 ports, and each of them assigns a value
to it in the port Makefile. It shouldn't be set in make.conf. As for
why it isn't working in Da Rock's case, he hasn't answered any of the
questions I asked him earlier.

I suggest you see an earlier thread on same topic [ImageMagick Upgrade

That thread (I'm assuming you're referring to the one in Nov. on
FreeBSD-ports) is no longer relevant after Doug's commit (which was
announced in that thread):;r2=1.314

The suggestion that users set that variable was a temporary hack that
should never have been needed, were it not for the earlier problems
with the port, which have since been resolved (in part, anyway).
PERL_THREADED should only be defined when it is used, and should
record whether the perl port being used is threaded, and not some
user-selected value.

The questions I originally asked were in:

(This thread is a little hard to follow because it's spread between
two lists, -questions and -ports, with some replies not being sent to

I also wonder if the OP's ports tree is up to date.

That's a good question. He mentioned that he was updating a lot of
ports, so I'm assuming that it is, but it's something that he should

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