Re: broken link in libgeom(3) manpage

Alexander Best <arundel@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
On Sat Jan 1 11, perryh@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
The SEE ALSO section of libgeom(3) in 8.1-RELEASE is a link:

That link brings up the homepage, not the intended
article ...

this was already fixed by r216177 ...

Which, unfortunately, seems to have removed the link rather than
updating it.

Cc'ing the article's author, in case he knows a current location
that could be used. (It may not be advisable to link to the daemon
news archive on, since its copyright status is not
entirely clear* and it provides whole issues rather than individual

but not yet MFC'ed to stable/8. so it looks like 8.2 will also
ship with this defective reference.


* at least, not entirely clear to me, the site being mostly in
German. Someone who can read German might find something about
the copyright status of the daemon news archive elsewhere on
the site.
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