Re: Which Common Lisp port for FreeBSD/sparc64?

If the build of your favorite lisp still fails, you'll have to dive into the
source to see what's wrong. It might be something relatively easy to fix.
Some familiarity with C is probably required, though. :-)
Except for clisp, which is based on a C bootstrap, the others are written in lisp
and C code is reduced to very little. On the other hand the lisp compiler produces
machine code, so porting to another architecture requires important knowledge of
the machine. In particular for clisp i see this in the NetBSD pkgsrc makefile:
# Sparc64 has assembler code problems, see
NOT_FOR_PLATFORM= *-*-sparc64
so i would not expect a quick solution. But no such restriction for sbcl.

As for Debian port of sbcl to 64 bits amd64 i know i have seen reports of incorrect
maxima programs in the maxima mailing list, so i suspect this port to be buggy. For
sparc64 i don't know. You can find various cmucl snapshots here:
i think one of the authors has a sparc machine, and also runs maxima, so i would be confident that
cmucl works OK on the sparc, but it is here apparently under solaris.


Michel Talon

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