current pids per tty

Hi Everyone,

i'm trying to find out a way to list *all* the pids of which running in the
background of or as the parent *of the current tty* device my shell file is
running on.. is there a quick way to find it out as for commands like tty
(for current tty) or whoami (for current user) or i should just grep and
sed the output of commands like w or ...?

as you may know, W(1)'s output just shows the number of pts devices in its
tty column.. so it won't be that easy to grep them all(i'm somehow new in
shell scripting as well).. and i need the detailed info about related
processes; like FROM or WHAT outputs of w command.. (BTW, i'm trying to
write a reporting per-tty shell script for my FreeBSD system..)

it would be very kind of you giving me any tips or tricks on this.

Thanks in advance
Best Regards,
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