Re: fsck problem FreeBSD 8.3

12.04.2012 00:05, Коньков Евгений пишет:
Здравствуйте, Eugene.

Вы писали 10 апреля 2012 г., 0:39:52:

EG> 10.04.2012 01:36, Коньков Евгений пишет:

Apr 9 19:51:58 fsck:
Apr 9 19:51:58 fsck:
Apr 9 19:51:58 fsck: /dev/ad8s1e: UNEXPECTED INCONSISTENCY; RUN fsck MANUALLY.
Apr 9 19:51:58 fsck: /dev/ad8s1e: CANNOT SET FS_NEEDSFSCK FLAG
Apr 9 20:09:22 kernel:

running manually:
# fsck -y /dev/ad8s1e
** /dev/ad8s1e (NO WRITE)

EG> You cannot run fsck on mounted filesystem, unmount it first.
Why not? fsck can do its job at background, on mounted FS.

It is run in special mode then, you run fsck not that way.

So I also can run it on mounted FS.

"NO WRITE" signals you that it will not be able to fix any problem it encounters.

in this case (as I have showed) it do not find any errors.

And if it finds any error on mounted live file system,
that would not mean the error really exists.
Do NOT run fsck on mounted file system, period.

In any case I have run fsck on this FS when it was dismounted.
There is no any errors.

So, you need not bother, your file system has been already fixed.

I think here is only one problem. problem to 'RUN FAST FSCK'

No need to, already.

Eugene Grosbein
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